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III Международный форум "Инновации в дорожном строительстве"



С 14.06.2017 по 16.06.2017 года ГК "Автодор" проведёт III Международный форум "Инновации в дорожном строительстве", официальную информационную поддержку которого будет осуществлять наше бюро переводов. (прим. ред.: далее на английском языке)

The III International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" will be organized and held by "Russian Highways" State Company from June 14 to June 16, 2017 at Pullman Sochi Centre Hotel in Sochi.

Nowadays, the road industry is one of the principal generators and consumers of innovations capable of bringing the other industries to a higher level of terms of technologies.

The longer life cycle of transport facilities and preservation of high performance thereof, thus ensuring proper safety and reliability and minimizing environmental impact, represent the core objectives pursued when introducing innovations in the transport construction industry.

The focus on innovations in the road industry placed both by governmental authorities and by business entities involved in the development of the transport infrastructure made it clear that the International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" shall be held annually.

In May 2015, the I International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" was held in Sochi. It offered a common communication platform for discussion of issues focused on better efficiency and faster implementation of modern technologies. In 2016, over 300 delegates attended the II International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction". The role of innovations in the development of the transport infrastructure was the key topic thereof.

A wide range of items related to sustainable functioning of the national public road system, introduction of innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and implementation of the Import Substitution Program approved by the Russian Government are put on the agenda of the III International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction". An emphasis is laid on cooperation of the "Russian Highways" State Company with small and medium-sized enterprises carrying out innovative business, which are deemed a driver of further development of the national economy.

The International Forum "Innovations in Road Construction" is annually attended by reputable delegates and sets the business pace for discussion of pressing issues related to development of the national road construction industry by experts. Representatives of the federal and regional governmental authorities, dedicated ministries and agencies as well as transport infrastructure, road construction and financial experts, young researchers and post-graduates are all invited to attend the Forum.

Rostelecom PJSC, RUSNANO, GAZPROM NEFT and other top companies contribute to the arrangements related to the event.

All interested are welcome! For the event program or entry submission, please visit the official Web site of the Forum at www.ircforum.ru.

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